Become A Mentor

The Boston International Turner Syndrome Summit is a summer program for teens with Turner syndrome. Our volunteer mentors are the backbone of our program, acting as guides and role models to the next generation of young women with TS. A successful Mentor is an individual who:

  • has Turner syndrome;
  • is between the ages of 21-30;
  • has a positive attitude;
  • demonstrates leadership qualities;
  • demonstrates maturity;
  • has strong communication skills;
  • exercises good judgment and common sense; and
  • demonstrates strong organizational skills.

Each Mentor will be primarily responsible for up to five attendees, in addition to other responsibilities.

Mentors must be available from Friday, July 27 through Sunday, August 6, 2018. This time period includes two days of orientation in advance of BITSS’s eight-day program.


  • Assume overall responsibility for the safety of the Mentor’s assigned group of teens and remain aware of each group member’s whereabouts at all times
  • Know and adhere to BITSS emergency procedures, safety guidelines and practices, and abuse prevention policies
  • Assist with the leading and coordinating of orientation and programming for teens
  • Identify and respond to participant behavior issues
  • Report any concerns to BITSS leadership
  • Participate in Mentor orientation
  • Participate in all programming
  • Serve as positive roles model for program teens

Application Requirements: All interested applicants must complete the BITSS 2018 Mentor Application (below), which includes providing two references who can attest to the Mentor’s skills necessary for working with teens.